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Using my new lip balm smells like rubbing a glazed donut on my lips.

I’m heading to check into the hospital in about an hour, and then surgery. I hate general anesthesia, I hate it so much, but on occasion it’s inevitable since I also am fairly sure that I don’t want to be awake while my doctor roots around in my sinus system.

Also, I am apparently incapable of spelling occasion without the assistance of the spell check.

So, I am nervous and anxious about this surgery, why, I do not know, since I have surgery so often it almost qualifies as a hobby, but this time I am a little freaked out.

So I shall be incommunicado for the next 24 hours. Try not to do anything noteworthy while I’m gone.


  • NatNo Gravatar |

    Maybe time for a surgery intervention… (that just reads wrong on so many levels.)

    Good luck.

  • The DefilerNo Gravatar |

    Please to inform us at your earliest convenience of the things that are removed from your nose/sinus cavity.

  • CrysNo Gravatar |

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