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Land Shark

Today I woke up feeling good, and ready to get a lot of stuff done. Then around 10:30 in the morning, the right side of my neck and shoulder seized the fuck up and a migraine mugged me, making me so nauseous I threw up. It quite literally happened over the course of fifteen minutes.

Uncool, body. I’ve got stuff to do, man, I’m leaving for New Mexico to see the folks on Saturday. Thanks to the prednisone, the house is super clean, but there are still things to get done, and they aren’t getting done if I have to spend half the damn day hopped up on the goofballs.

Also, I smacked myself in my own mouth with my Kindle accidentally. I have a feeling that’s gonna leave a mark.


  • PJNo Gravatar |

    Robots. I think the reason for your migraines et al. are the robots (on your page). I loathe robots.

    Fear the robots…

  • YknotNo Gravatar |

    Man! How many times I’ve smacked myself in the head with my IPad while falling asleep web watching/Twittering/etc, I’ll never know. It happens. Perhaps I should do the responsible thing & only use it when I know I’m going to Stay Conscious-but that wouldn’t be any Fun, would it? Screw it!

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