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So today I woke up, did some chores, made some breakfast, then I had a seizure and now I am kind of messed up.

The brain stuff scares me, I will admit to that. There is something freaky about such a total loss of control. And this is my 2nd seizure in two weeks, and I’m kind of worried that I’m having little seizures that I’m not clocking.

So tomorrow I go to the neurologist. We’ll see what he has to say. He’s generally very comforting. Normally it bugs the fuck out of me, but I think I could use a little comfort right now.


  • NatNo Gravatar |

    Hey, not sure how to comfort… I hope the appointment goes well that it’s some sort of devil’s pact between your arm and your kidney and it can be solved by large doses of something delicious or by beating the fuck out of Chris Brown.

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