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I know you think you’re speaking English, but all I’m hearing are clicks and whistles

I am not sure if you know this but I talk to myself. Pretty much constantly. Out loud.

I used to talk to the cats, but I got tired of being ignored on a constant basis. WHAT ABOUT MY NEEDS, DAMNIT?!

I’m not sure when I started to talk to myself, but I kind of keep up a running commentary on whatever it is I’m thinking about, or reading or watching on TV.

A prime of example of this is that I have been watching Top Chef Texas and there is one contestant who works my last nerve so badly that I practically grind my teeth when she walks onscreen. (Her name is Heather)

I hate her so much.

So every time I watch the show I start muttering about her various deficiencies, shortcomings and irritating habits.  I want her to spontaneously combust into a fat human candle with a stupid laugh and a manipulative cuntiness.

So there is that.

It happens when I’m reading the news online, which I do because the news anchors and reporters on TV were so annoying that it was impossible for me to get angry at the actual news.

I am a mutterer. This does not bode well for my eventual old age. OH, who am I kidding? It’s six of one and two threes of another that I’ll even make old age. Better to get all the old lady tics and twitches in while I can.


  • CrysNo Gravatar |

    Heather sucks right out loud. So does Sarah. Which sucks because they’re both from the Chi. And what’s with that Kentucky dude and his incessant jaw sliding?

    Team Beverly!

  • KaplyNo Gravatar |

    You know, I got the names mixed up. Sarah is the one I’d like to stab. I’m hoping Paul wins.

  • YknotNo Gravatar |

    If I had a TV, I’d probably know of whom you speak. Luckily, that isn’t the case, so I only get mad at people who directly piss me off! As for the talking to yourself- out loud, we all have an internal dialogue; it’s just that most of us tend to keep it to ourselves because we don’t want to broadcast to others our “true” feelings. You have taught yourself differently. Nothing terrible about that. Cats are good listeners, but hardly great conversationalists. With all you’ve gone/ are going through, keeping your head on straight is a Full-Time job! Rock on with your bad Self, just remember to tone it down when you are out & about. It’s when you no longer have the ability to do so that means you’re Losing it!

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